For several different projects I am working on I am looking for new models.
Are you interested ? Great ! Then I might be interested in having you as my model !

Here are some of the projects I am working on:

Generally I am looking for boys and young men between 18 and 28 years old (it may vary), who have an appealing physique, a handsome face, and preferrably both. You don’t have to be muscled (although sometimes that can’t hurt either). I welcome all races, colors, and beliefs. I do not believe in discrimination. Be prepared to go (tastefully) nude.

For this project I am looking for asian boys and young asian men between 18 and 35 years (it may vary), of all sorts. We prefer clean cut, smooth or shaven. You don’t have to be muscled at all, but we do expect some toning. A good example could be my artwork “Dance”. Be prepared to go (tastefully) nude.

I am looking to make several shots of brown or black men between 18 and 28 years old. be prepared to go (tastefully) nude. You are buff, have some muscle, a good sixpack, and a well-toned backside.

Project Faceless has ended. We are no longer seeking models for this project.

I am looking for models who dare a little, who are not overly shy. Are or were you a dancer ? Do you practice some interesting sport ? Or do you do yoga or other means of physical balancing techniques ? Or do you just think you are cute ? Then you might be just what I need :)

You do not need to have experience. Some of my best artworks were done with inexperienced models. 

Still interested ? Great !

Send an email to, make sure you include your personal data (Full name, birthdate, emailaddress, phonenumber) and please include at least 2 clear photo’s of yourself, one portrait (only your face), and one photo head to toe, where your physique is visible (eg. sportshort/swimmingslip and nothing else, for instance when you were at the beach or at a pool). If you have done sessions with other photographers before, you may include those photo’s aswell. Submissions which do not adhere to these guidelines above will be deleted immediately. (I am getting emails daily with unclear photo’s,missing data, etc., and I really don’t have time to answer them. So sorry…)

I hope to welcome you as one of my models !

Rick Wezenaar