From his early years, Rick has been busy with photography. At a very young age, his father gave him a camera to play with. Soon he started creating interesting works, even at this young age. In time he became more mature in his work, evolving in what Rick’s work stands for today.

In 1993, Rick founded his Studio in the center of Den Bosch, The Netherlands, and in a short time he gained worldwide recognition for his portraits of (sometimes partially) nude males. Nowadays Rick lives and works in the capital city of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Rick has been a photographer for over 20 years.

Rick’s main inspiration for his photography was and still is people and nature. His preference of human beings with their unique individuality, that is what Rick loves to freeze. Partly inspired by photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, and others, Rick has created his own style of photography, or rather ‘styles‘ of photography. He feels that a true artist can’t be bound by one style. Rick’s artworks show a variety and a diversity you won’t see with many other artists.

In 1999 he won the Kodak Professional Portrait Award in the Netherlands. Also, a Hasselblad ouvre prize has been appointed to him later.

Rick’s publications include Xaviera Hollander’s “The Happy Hooker” and Eric Kollen’s “Boys Tales”, aswell as David Birne’s “How Music Works”.

At the moment Rick is working on some interesting projects for several clients. Projects about portraits, travel, landscapes, architecture, culture, timelapse photography and DSLR cinematography, but also, of course, and certainly not the least, his Male Art Photography. Rick has exhibitions in real life, online, and also sells some of his work as NFT’s, the digital version of art.

Why would you buy Rick’s art ?

Rick’s aim is to promote and support art in general and upcoming artists in particular. Therefore 50% of the proceedings will go into investing in and supporting other artists, especially in the NFT realm. The other 50% go into the investment of new equipment and gear, so he can create even more beautiful artworks in the future!

For more information about Rick’s work or for new assignments & bookings or if you are interested in buying one of his artworks, please contact him at this email address.